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Idlewild is a contradance band that thrills and delights its dancers and listeners as it weaves a sonic tapestry of lively and imaginative medleys played with love and enthusiasm as the music drifts over the dance floor.  Its as if the dancers are gently showered upon with a musical kaleidoscope of multi-colored effervescence that conjures images of elves and wood nymphs frolicking in a majestic forest of tangerine trees under marmalade skies.

Fiddle, Guitar, Bass, and Keyboards and/or Accordion and/or Mandolin

Fiddle, Guitar, Bass, and whatever Tom decides to bring along combine to make a happy and energetic sound for contradancing!  Medlies with all kinds of musical surprises.  There is a lot of music performance experience in this band.    Tom and Amy were members of the contradance band "Wild Rose and the Thorns".  Tom, Amy, and Dannielle have all been members of "String Band Central", which is a band that always delivers traditional celtic and americana fiddle music with energy and enthusiam.  And, Tom & Marie have played throughout the Southern Tier either as a duet (with occasional guests) or in bluegrass bands.  Together Idlewild puts out a sound that is sure to please.

Check us out on YouTube.!!! 

Sheebeg and Sheemore

Wind That Shakes The Barley - Irishwasherwoman

Swallowtail Jig - Old Gray Cat Medley

Johnny Cope - The Gale Medley


Front Row: Amy, Dannielle. Back Row: Marie, Tom


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Last update: December 30, 2013